Indemnity Clause, Safety & Disclaimer

Atashouse Pte Ltd and/or its directors, employees, officers, service providers, agents or representatives shall not be responsible or liable for any and all claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties, settlement expenses, health issues, allegies, death, losses (including monetary), injuries or all costs (direct or indirect) in connection with the purchaser/s, third parties or anyone with any claims or investigation brought against Atashouse Pte Ltd.

Workshop Terms and Conditions

By joining our workshops, you hereby release, acquit and discharge Atas House Pte Ltd and its agents and employees from any liability arising from any circumstance including the negligence of Atas House or its employees.


To ensure that all participants have an enjoyable time and get the most out of the workshop experience safely, we ask for all participants to abide the following rules:

      Follow all instructions given during the workshop. If there is any incident(s) of wastage of allocated material(s) that arises from not following instructions given during the workshop, additional/replacement material(s) will be chargeable.

      Please treat our trainer(s) and staff(s) with respect and do not verbally or physically assault them. Follow their guidance and instructions during the workshop.

      No eating and drinking allowed during workshop(s) relating to resin 

      Do not bring external materials, that are not provided by us, to use during workshop(s)

      No voice and/or video recording allowed during workshop(s)

To ensure that our space is safe and conducive for all participants and staff, participants who do not abide by the above rules will be asked to leave the studio. Refunds will be not given and decision by the management will be final.

Products Terms and Conditions

If you are known to have allergies to any of the items sold on our website, we recommend you not to purchase them.

By making the purchase(s), you hereby release, aquit and discharge Atashouse Pte Ltd and/or its directors, employees, officers, service providers, agents or representatives employees from any liabilities arising from any circumstances, including negligence.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

We do not allow cancellations or refunds once you have placed your order/booking.

Shipping & Delivery

Registered Tracked Mailing parcels will have a tracking number while the Normal mailing will not. We recommend the Registered Tracking Mailing option if you would like your parcels to be trackable. We are not responsible for any loss or damaged goods during delivery. Alternatively, you could opt for self collection at our Kovan Studio. 

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