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Atas Resin Workshop
Atas Resin Workshop

Explore your imagination and broaden your mind with an empty canvas. We will provide items that adds texturing, layering and colour to your canvas. The control of your brush and different techniques of painting will be imparted. This Virtual Workshop is all about being bold to channel your personality to your art piece.

Create a Visual Art using simple tools using all 5 senses! Perfect for little ones who are exploring their senses, this activity is perfect for them to hone their skills

Full hands on and intimate experience of learning how to make soy candles of different shapes, colour and scent

A limitless and boundless workshop where participants have so much freedom to express themselves using colours, lines and shapes. It is extremely therapeutic to spend hours just holding onto your brush

Candles can create a romantic atmosphere and instantly warming up the atmosphere when you have guests over. This workshop will guide you on how to personalise your own glass of soy candle and adding of scent

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone with this 2 in 1 Candle Workshop where you can experiment with both soy candle and gel candle at one time.

Slightly different from the soy candle, gel candle has a jelly like texture that gives off a beautiful translucent effect and allows many variations of designs due to its nature. If you love combining many different items and textures into your handcrafts, this is perfect for you.

Use the versatile airdry clay to make your own figurine (favourite animation character/item/animal) that you can use to decorate your room or bag.

Sculpt your doll from scratch of your desired size and shape! After which, you can design your own doll with quirky details and traits that showcase your personality

Learn the basic techniques and crochet your very own jewelries such as earrings, necklace and more.

Need a good stretch and get rid of those knots? This is an extremely good choice for those who needs to destress and relax both your mind and body. End the session with satisfied participants! 

Dive into this workshop expecting a beautiful piece of artwork to be done entirely by participants. Polymer clay will be provided.

Fancy a great item that refreshes the air around you? Learn how to make your scented stone of your chosen colour and scent

Painting on a smooth and cold surface is exhilarating! You are also abl eto take back your completed pieces and display them in your room, anywhere that showcases your final art piece

Interested to create your beautiful pieces of earrings from scratch? Get the most out of our Polymer Clay Earrings Workshop where you can explore your creativity with the array of tools and clays that we have.

Make Soap Of Your Chosen Design! We will guide you to creating soaps that have a beautiful scent and how to preserve them well when you bring your personalised soap back home. These can be used for bathing purposes and washing of hands.

Our workshop allows one to fully customise its Shrink Art so as to allow you to freely explore and draw your favourite animation characters, item, image and etc without any restrictions. This 1 hour workshop will be spent mostly on designing your own art piece by using one’s limitless imagination, internet or even the various templates that will be provided by 

Personalise Your Own Mini Garden! We will guide you at every step while you impart your style and personality into your Terrarium. Add a little nature into your home and offices with Your Own Terrarium or gift it to your love ones!

Looking for something a little different to paint on? These are small, easy to display and can even be used as a coaster! With a smooth surface, let your paint brushes glide ever so easily as you make your masterpiece

Love flowers? Eternalised your flowers into a coaster which you can admire every morning or when you take a sip of your drink! We have an abundance of real dried flowers which you can choose from and design your own coasters!

Get your body moving and groove to the music as our skilled trainers guide you throughout the session. 

A range of different drawing styles and media that you can opt for your team bonding. Express yourself and explore how to reflect that on your canvas.

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